Resubmission Policy for London College for Professionals (LCFP)


This policy outlines the process for resubmitting assessments at LCFP. It aims to provide a fair and supportive environment for students to improve their work while ensuring academic integrity.


  • First Submission

If your initial submission does not meet all the assessment criteria, you will receive a grade of “refer” along with detailed feedback from your tutor/assessor.

The feedback will clearly explain the areas where your work fell short of the criteria and provide specific guidance for improvement.

You will be given the opportunity to revise your work based on the feedback and resubmit it within a designated time frame (e.g., two weeks).

  • Second Submission

If your revised work on the second submission still doesn’t meet the criteria, you may be eligible for a further resubmission opportunity under the following conditions:

  • Tutor’s Discretion: Your tutor believes a third attempt aligns with your academic development and benefits your learning journey.
  • Academic Integrity: You have no record of plagiarism or other academic misconduct in the past year.A fee will be incurred to cover the cost of assessing the second resubmission.
  • Mandatory Support: Depending on the nature of the feedback, you may be required to attend additional workshops or tutorials designed to address your specific learning gaps. These resources may incur additional fees.
  1. Important Considerations

Limited Attempts:

 There will be a maximum number of permitted resubmissions for each assessment (e.g., two attempts after the initial submission).


Failing to Meet the Standard:

If you fail to achieve the passing grade after all permitted resubmissions, you will be considered to have failed the unit.

Retaking the Unit:

 In such cases, you will have the option to retake the unit the following semester. This will involve:

Re-enrolling for the unit at the prevailing fee.

Completing all assessments afresh, regardless of performance in previous attempts.



LCFP offers a variety of academic support services to help students succeed in their courses. These include one-on-one tutoring, writing workshops, and study skills seminars. We encourage you to utilise these resources throughout your studies.

  1. Benefits of Policy
  • Focus on Improvement:

This policy prioritises providing constructive feedback and opportunities for students to improve their understanding and performance.

★      Supportive Environment:

 LCFP offers various resources to help students throughout the resubmission process.

★      Clear Expectations:

The policy outlines the guidelines and consequences for resubmissions in a transparent manner.


LCFP’s resubmission policy aims to strike a balance between fairness and academic rigour. It provides students with opportunities to learn from their mistakes and improve their work while maintaining the integrity of the assessment process. If you have any questions about this policy, please don’t hesitate to consult your tutor or the academic office.

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