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Yes, you have a Cooling-Off Period of 14 days from the course start date to cancel your enrollment and receive a refund, subject to a cancellation fee of £150. Please notify the College’s finance team via email at info@lcfp.org.uk within this period to initiate the refund process.

If you’re unable to make a payment on the agreed date, you should promptly inform the College’s finance team in writing via email, detailing the reasons for the delay and requesting an extension. Failure to do so may result in additional charges, including late payment fees of £50 after 30 days from the original due date, and potential interest. It’s essential to keep communication open to avoid any penalties.

The College reserves the right to make changes to courses, including content, instructors, and schedules, or to cancel them entirely. In such cases, we will make reasonable efforts to inform affected students and provide suitable alternatives. If you have any concerns or questions about changes to your course, please reach out to us via email at info@lcfp.org.uk for assistance.

If you’re inactive for a prolonged period, meaning you’re not engaging in course activities such as logging into the learning portal, attending scheduled classes, or submitting assignments, LCFP will send you reminders to encourage your participation. If you fail to respond to three reminders, you may be withdrawn from the course. It’s essential to stay engaged and communicate with us if you encounter any difficulties during your studies.

If you’re struggling academically, LCFP is here to support you. Upon failing an assignment, you’ll receive detailed feedback to help you improve. However, if you fail the same assignment twice, you’ll receive a formal warning about potential withdrawal from the course. Continued poor academic performance despite the warning may lead to withdrawal. We encourage you to take advantage of our support services and communicate any challenges you face during your studies.

Unfortunately, students who are withdrawn from the course due to inactivity or poor academic performance are not eligible for a refund. It’s important to maintain engagement and academic progress to avoid withdrawal. If you’re withdrawn and wish to re-enroll, you’ll need to meet specific criteria, and there will be a re-enrolment fee of £250.

If your first submission doesn’t meet all the assessment criteria, you’ll receive a grade of “refer” along with detailed feedback from your tutor/assessor. The feedback will highlight areas where your work fell short and provide guidance for improvement. You’ll then have the opportunity to revise your work and resubmit it within a designated time frame, typically two weeks.

Yes, under certain conditions, you may be eligible for a further resubmission opportunity. Your tutor may approve a third attempt if they believe it aligns with your academic development. However, there are considerations such as maintaining academic integrity and potential additional fees for the assessment of the second resubmission. It’s important to engage with the feedback provided and seek support if needed to improve your work.

If you fail to meet the passing grade after all permitted resubmissions, you’ll be considered to have failed the unit. In such cases, you’ll have the option to retake the unit in the following semester. This involves re-enrolling for the unit at the prevailing fee and completing all assessments afresh, regardless of previous attempts. It’s essential to make use of available support services and focus on improvement throughout your studies.

Yes, you have the right to cancel your acceptance at any point before the course commencement in accordance with LCFP’s Fee & Refund Policy. Please ensure your refund request aligns with the policy guidelines for a smooth cancellation process.

You may request a change to your initially selected course once, provided you haven’t accessed or commenced the course. Approval for such changes depends on meeting the specific criteria of the new course and is at LCFP’s discretion. Please submit all related requests formally to admissions@lcfp.org.uk for consideration.

It’s essential to complete your course within the allocated timeframe (18 months for Level 3 courses, 24 months for Levels 4 to 7). Failure to do so necessitates re-enrollment, which incurs a fee of £250, subject to approval. Make sure to manage your time effectively to meet these deadlines and avoid additional costs.

Plagiarism involves using someone else’s ideas, words, or work without proper acknowledgment. To avoid plagiarism, ensure that you always attribute sources correctly using the Harvard referencing style. This means providing in-text citations for direct quotes or paraphrased ideas and including a reference list at the end of your work. It’s crucial to distinguish between your own thoughts and those of others and to always credit external sources appropriately.

While some level of similarity is expected, especially when using common terminology or quoting from academic sources, excessive similarity may indicate potential plagiarism. Your assignment will be reviewed using text comparison software like Turnitin and Copy Catch, which checks for similarities with internet sources and previous student submissions. If concerns arise, you may receive academic writing support to improve your referencing and citation skills. In more serious cases, you may be referred to the Academic Conduct Officer for further investigation and disciplinary action if necessary.

LCFP provides detailed guidance on referencing and avoiding plagiarism in the LCFP Guide to the Harvard Referencing Style. Additionally, module-specific guidelines and feedback from tutors can help you understand academic conventions and improve your referencing skills. Remember, mastering proper citation and referencing is essential for academic success and integrity, so don’t hesitate to seek support and feedback as you develop your academic writing skills.