LCFP Terms & Conditions


This Agreement establishes the terms under which London College for Professionals (‘LCFP’) agrees to deliver educational services to you, the student. Acceptance of an offer from LCFP constitutes agreement to these binding conditions. It is imperative that you fully understand these provisions; should you require clarification, please contact the Admissions Team.

1. Enrollment Conditions

By enrolling, you certify that all information provided is accurate and complete. Admission is conditional upon these assurances, and enrollment is subject to termination if inaccuracies or failures to comply with offer conditions are discovered, or if there is a failure in fee payment according to the agreed schedule.

2. Tuition Obligations

You are committed to the timely fulfillment of tuition payments as specified in your offer letter. If electing a payment plan, you must adhere strictly to the agreed installment dates. LCFP accepts payments through approved methods only.

3. Cancellation Rights

You retain the right to cancel your acceptance at any point before course commencement, in line with LCFP’s Fee & Refund Policy. All refund requests must comply with this policy.

4. Academic Program Adjustments

You may request a change to your initially selected course once, provided no access to or commencement of the course has occurred. Approval for such changes depends on meeting the specific criteria of the new course and is at LCFP’s discretion. All related requests must be formally made to

5. Course Completion Timeframes

The allowable duration for completing Level 3 courses is 18 months, while Levels 4 to 7 must be completed within 24 months. Failure to meet these timelines necessitates re-enrollment and incurs a fee of £250, subject to approval.

6. Participation and Attendance

Active participation in coursework, including discussions, assignments, and assessments, is crucial for success. LCFP specifies participation requirements for each course, which you are expected to fulfill.

7. Integrity in Academia

LCFP enforces a strict anti-plagiarism and academic honesty policy. Your submissions must reflect original thought and integrity. Breaches of this policy will invoke academic penalties as outlined in the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Policy.

8. Rights to Terminate Enrollment

LCFP reserves the right to terminate your enrollment under circumstances such as academic misconduct, policy violations, or failure to meet financial obligations as detailed in the Withdrawal Policy.
9. Communication Protocols
LCFP will communicate with you through the email provided at enrollment. You are responsible for regularly checking this account for critical communications.

10. Licensing of Course Materials

You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the provided course materials for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any reproduction, sharing, or distribution without authorization from LCFP is prohibited.

11. Copyright and Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights in course materials are owned by or licensed to LCFP. Unauthorized copying or use is strictly forbidden.

12. Privacy and Data Handling

LCFP is committed to processing your personal data in compliance with prevailing data protection legislation, exclusively for academic and administrative purposes.

13. Legal Compliance and Jurisdiction

This Agreement is governed by the laws of England & Wales, with exclusive jurisdiction granted to the English courts for resolving any disputes.

14. Modifications to Terms

LCFP may modify these terms at any time, with changes effective immediately upon website publication.

15. Enquiries and Support

For further information regarding this Agreement or related policies, please contact
Your acceptance of an offer from LCFP implies adherence to all current and future institutional policies, rules, and procedures.