London College for Professionals (LCFP) – Complaint Policy & Procedure

Policy Statement: London College for Professionals (LCFP) is committed to providing a positive educational experience for all students. The Complaint Policy outlines the procedures and principles for addressing and resolving student complaints in a fair, transparent, and timely manner.

Definition of a Complaint: A complaint at LCFP is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by a student with any aspect of the college’s services, policies, procedures, or the behavior of staff.

Submission of Complaints:

  1. Students are encouraged to submit complaints promptly to the appropriate department or staff member involved in the issue.
  2. Complaints may be submitted in writing, via email, or using the designated online complaint form available on the college website.

Handling of Complaints:

  1. Upon receiving a complaint, the relevant department or staff member will acknowledge receipt in three working days.
  2. An initial review will be conducted to assess the nature and severity of the complaint.

Resolution Process:

  1. The college is committed to resolving complaints through an informal, speedy, and fair process.
  2. Depending on the nature of the complaint, a designated staff member or committee will be assigned to investigate and resolve the issue.


  1. Every effort will be made to resolve complaints not later than 2 weeks of acknowledgment.
  2. If additional time is required, the complainant will be informed of the delay along with an estimated resolution timeframe.


  1. Regular updates on the status of the complaint will be provided to the complainant.
  2. All communication regarding the complaint will be conducted professionally and in a confidential manner.


  1. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the initial resolution, they may escalate the complaint to the next level, such as a department head or designated supervisor.
  2. The college will provide clear guidance on the escalation process to ensure transparency and fairness.

Appeals Process:

  1. In cases where the complainant remains dissatisfied after the initial resolution and escalation, they may appeal to the designated Appeals Committee.
  2. The Appeals Committee will conduct a thorough review and provide a final decision, which is binding.


  1. A record of all complaints, including the nature of the complaint, actions taken, and resolutions, will be maintained for two years.
  2. The information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and only shared with relevant parties involved in the resolution process.

Policy Review: This policy will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

Date of Approval:

LCFP is dedicated to continuous improvement and is committed to addressing student concerns promptly and professionally.