Course Withdrawal Policy – London College for Professionals (LCFP)


LCFP is dedicated to academic excellence and student success. This Withdrawal Policy outlines the procedures for withdrawing from a course due to inactivity or academic performance. It emphasizes transparency and fairness while promoting an engaging learning environment.

  • Initiating Withdrawal

Withdrawal can be initiated by LCFP in cases of:

  • Consistent Academic Failure: Despite support and feedback, a student consistently fails to meet academic expectations.
  • Prolonged Inactivity: A student exhibits sustained lack of engagement in course activities, including:
  • Not logging into the learning portal
  • Missing scheduled classes or online sessions
  • Failing to submit assignments or assessments
  • Inactivity Procedures

Inactivity is defined as a sustained lack of engagement for a prolonged period.

Upon identifying inactivity, LCFP will send a reminder email to the student’s registered address.

Students must provide a satisfactory explanation for their absence.

Failure to respond to three reminders will result in withdrawal from the course.

The withdrawal process will adhere to the guidelines set by the awarding body.

Academic Performance Procedures


LCFP is committed to student success and provides support to help students thrive.

Upon assignment failure, students will receive detailed feedback to guide improvement.

Failing the same assignment twice will lead to a formal warning outlining potential withdrawal.

Continued poor academic performance despite the warning may result in withdrawal from the course.

  • Refunds

Students withdrawn by LCFP due to inactivity or academic performance are not eligible for a refund.

  1. Re-enrolment

Re-enrolment after withdrawal is at the discretion of LCFP and requires meeting specific criteria.

  • Students who wish to re-enroll will be subject to a £250 re-enrolment fee.
  • Re-enrolled students will follow the current academic policies and guidelines in place at the time of re-enrolment.

We encourage students to communicate any difficulties they encounter during their studies. LCFP offers various support services to help students succeed.

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