Fee and Refund Policy

This Fee and Refund Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) outlines the terms and conditions governing course cancellations and refunds at London College for Professionals (hereinafter referred to as “College”). By enrolling in our courses, students (hereinafter referred to as “Students”) agree to comply with this Policy.

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Terms and Conditions for return and refund:

  1. Course Fee:
  • 1. Students are required to pay the course fee as specified during the enrollment process.
  • 2. Payment of the course fee is due upon enrollment. Students may choose to pay in full or, if applicable, in accordance with an approved installment plan.
  • 3. Failure to make payments on time may result in additional charges, including late payment fees and interest, as specified in this Policy.
  1.  Cancellation and Refund:
  • 1. Students have the right to cancel their course enrollment within 14 days of the course start date (hereinafter referred to as “Cooling-Off Period”). During this period, a refund will be provided, subject to the cancellation fee.
  • 2. The cancellation fee is £150 and will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • 3. To request a cancellation and refund, students must notify the College’s finance team in writing by email, detailing the reasons for cancellation. The email address for the finance team is info@lcfp.org.uk. Upon receipt of the refund request email, the College will provide the student with a refund form. Students are required to complete the refund form accurately and return it to the College for processing.
  • 4. Upon the receipt and approval of the completed refund form, the refund amount will be processed within a period of 14 working days from the date of receipt of the refund form.
  • 5. Refunds will be made using the same payment method used for the original transaction, unless the student requests a different method.
  • 6. After the Cooling-Off Period has expired, no refunds will be provided for course fees, unless exceptional circumstances apply, as determined by the College’s discretion.
  1.  Late Payments:


  • 1. Students are responsible for fulfilling all agreed-upon payment obligations for the course. Failure to make payments by the specified due dates may result in additional charges and late payment fees.
  • 2. In the event you are unable to make the payment on the agreed date, as per the installment plan, you must promptly inform the College’s finance team in writing, by email. Your written notification should include the reasons for the delay and a formal request for an extension.
  • 3. If you fail to inform the College’s finance team of your payment delay and the outstanding amount is not settled within 30 days from the original due date, a late fee charge of £50 will be applicable and interest may also be incurred.
  1. Debt Recovery
  • 1. In the event of non-payment, the College reserves the right to engage a Debt Recovery Agency to recover outstanding fees. Students will be responsible for any costs associated with debt collection.
  1. Changes to Courses:
  • 1. The College reserves the right to cancel or make changes to courses, including course content, instructors, and schedules. In such cases, the College will make reasonable efforts to notify affected Students and provide suitable alternatives.
  1. Termination of Enrollment
  • 1. The College reserves the right to terminate a Student’s enrollment if they violate any of the College’s policies, engage in disruptive or inappropriate behavior, or fail to meet academic or financial obligations.


For all inquiries related to course cancellations and refunds, Students may contact the finance team by email at . info@lcfp.org.uk

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